Exceed Expectations. Deliver Powerful Results.

Exceed Expectations. Deliver Powerful Results.

Track and Optimize Your Client's Nutrition. Save Time, Effort and Grow Your Business.

Here is what professionals and their clients are saying about Cronometer:

When it comes to nutrition, I rely on the Cronometer app.

“Most of my clients are truck drivers who live on the road, and in order to help them lose weight, I have to monitor what they eat. Cronometer Pro is the most advanced food tracking system available to professionals for measuring and monitoring a client's total nutrition. For the first time ever, both the client and coach can know exactly, on a scale of zero to one hundred, where a client's nutrition is and pinpoint exactly what needs to be changed.”

— Siphiwe Baleka

CPT. Founder, Fitness Trucking. Author, 4 Minute Fit 12-Time US Masters Swimming National Champion

Provide the power and knowledge to each and every client to save their lives...

“Many of my cancer coaching clients are on the ketogenic diet. Cronometer is the only diet app that I have found that enables both the coach and the client to input 'therapeutic' or rigorous ketogenic diet ratios as a goal, and this can even be customized. Being able to track the actual macro ratios daily has enabled to problem solve why clients were not achieving their goals of conquering cancer. Especially useful is figuring out where the grams of sugar, carbs and proteins were coming from - as all can potentially feed cancer cells. Before I could see each person's actual daily intake, it was a guessing game. With Cronometer, the problem areas are an open book and so easy to solve. As a coach and survivor of terminal malignant cancer myself, Cronometer will provide the power and knowledge to each and every client to save their lives.”

— Alison Gannett

Cooking to Conquer Cancer

This is accountability at its best.

“Adding Cronometer to my practice has been extremely beneficial for both me and my clients. This is accountability at its best! It helps me see exactly what they are eating, and knowing that their food intake will be discussed on a weekly basis, they are more conscious of what they eat. I can easily tweak their food choices and make suggestions that will fit their lifestyle and preferences.”

— Tamar Cohen

Tri Holistic Nutrition, Oakland California

Cronometer is in a world of its own when it comes to food and nutrient tracking.

“As a health professional who has spent the last decade trying to improve the health and quality of life of my clients, I feel I've found the missing piece of the puzzle with Cronometer. For years I struggled to find simple, useful tools for my clients that didn't solely focus on weight loss or were too complex for the average Joe. My discovery of Cronometer suddenly streamlined my whole business by making the nutrition side of things simple and easy!”

— J. Merin Babich

Author, Hall-of-Fame Athlete, Exercise Physiologist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Optimal nutrition really makes a difference!

“Since using Cronometer I have managed to get my cholesterol and triglyceride levels into the normal range for the first time in about 15 years. Optimal nutrition really makes a difference! I would highly recommend using Cronometer.com, whether you're dieting or just trying to eat healthier.”

— Barbara, 67

I wish I would have had Cronometer 20 years ago

“I had to get my life in order and take control of my Body / Health before I blew up, then I was introduced to a very special person as my new Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She introduced me to the missing piece of the puzzle: Cronometer”

— Skip, 56

I have been using Cronometer for the past few years and absolutely love the program!

“Cronometer helps to keep my husband and I on track with our nutritional goals. I initially started using it for the calorie information but find that the tracking of the macro and micro nutrients and balance dials have become even more important. The lifestyle changes that my husband and I have made with the help of Cronometer have lead to a marked improvement in my husbands lab results! He went from having high LDL and Triglycerides to normal ranges and increased HDL! He was pre-Diabetic and now his blood Glucose is in the normal range again! All nutrition, not medication!!”

— Pam

A Complete Nutrition Management System For Your Business

Track your clients' nutritional data from your office

Cronometer lets you see everything your client has eaten and what it means for their nutrition in your professional portal. No more relying on what they said they ate over the weekend. We track over 80 micro nutrients, multiple biometrics and activities, so you will know exactly how your client is performing day to day.

Efficiently manage clients, set personalized goals and targets

Not only do you get a picture of your client's nutrition, with Cronometer you can customize individual macro and micronutrient targets, weight goals, and meal plans to ensure they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing so you can deliver the results they are after.

Generate reports and analysis for each client

Cronometer lets you see your clients' nutrition over time and delivers insights that can help you help your client break through plateaus, identify trouble spots and get results that exceed expectations. You can correlate nutrition with weight loss and quality of life and so much more.

Find The Plan That Fits Your Business

Simple Plans. Great Pricing. Priority Support.

Designed For Health and Wellness Practitioners

Gold features for you and all your clients

You & your clients enjoy all of the features that come with our gold membership, including free access to our mobile gold apps

View and edit all of your client's data and targets

View and edit your clients macro and micro nutrient profiles, diet type and much more.

Share custom foods and recipes

Give your clients the meals and meal plan you want them to follow to fit their goals.

HIPAA compliant

Our system is HIPAA compliant and suitable for use by health-care practitioners.

Let us know how to reach you so you can grow your business and supercharge your client's results.


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